Crash diets or sacrifice will not help you to reduce your weight. The weight lost is regained very quickly as you think. You must plan properly and enjoy your food. This could help you to reduce and maintain your weight.

You need not change everything drastically. You need not reduce the amount of food also drastically. You should not put yourself under pressure to reduce the weight quickly.

The good tips to reduce weight include:

• Drink more fluids, 70% must be water. Prefer fresh fruit juices. Coffee or tea can be a maximum of two cups per day
• Eat more raw vegetable salads and other vegetables preparations
• Prefer eggs, these have less calories and has got all the necessary nutrients
• Lean meat, poultry without skin and fish are good
• Reduce sugar, particularly hidden sugars
• Use healthy plant fats
• Select food with lot of fibre e.g. wholegrain products
• Eat enough fruits
• Milk and diary products can have low fat
• Eat cucumber or fruits when you watch TV in the evening
• No carbohydrates after 6 p.m. For dinner you can take protein rich food
• Reduce the amount of butter and jam or sausage for your sandwich
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner are enough. The time between meals are important to burn the fat. If you are hungry eat cucumber or fruits
• Take small portion to eat and you can take more if you are still hungry
• Select small portion of food in the restaurants and this is applicable to snacks also
• Do not say from the beginning you want to sacrifice something; select small amounts to eat. This is applicable to nuts, chocolates and ice cream and snacks
• Try to reduce the stress
• Have enough physical activity
• Have enough sleep

With this tips it is easy to reduce weight. If you still have problems feel free to ask me.