It is a good question. I’m getting more enquiries about this at present and it is mostly from young people. There is no relationship between age and high blood pressure. I have seen persons who have the history of high blood pressure in their family have even mastered to live with normal blood pressure in old ages too. Unfortunately very young people do get high blood pressure now-a-days.

You must avoid these risks to avoid high blood pressure and they include:

• Overweight
• Smoking and other tobacco products
• Excess alcohol
• Stress

If you have these risks you can have high blood pressure even in your twenties. It is in your hands to manage this properly.

High blood pressure has no symptoms and that is why the heart attack age is coming down and down. A good lifestyle can give you long, healthy and happy life.

What should I do is the question from many young people. It is not necessary to run every month to your doctor to control your blood pressure. Buy a standard blood pressure measuring instrument and use it according to manufacturers’ instruction. Your blood pressure value must be below 140/90 mm Hg. Today’s instruments are so handy and you can measure at anytime and everywhere.

After 30 you can go to your doctor once in a year to check the blood levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar values. Prevention is better than cure and costs less.

What to do if you have high blood pressure? Avoid the risk factors and reduce the weight. Beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and diuretics are good medicines to control the high blood pressure. If used properly you can live decades without any problems.

Right food and physical activity is important to be healthy.