Friday, June 18, 2010

The alternate day diet is also called intermittent fasting or longevity diet. You eat today normal and tomorrow only very little and the cycle continues. This seems to trigger a „skinny gene“ which encourages the body to burn fat. For the first two weeks you take only 20% of the normal food every alternate day. If you are a calorie counter it is about 500 calories per day. These Down Days and Up Days are easy to manage.

Meal replacement shakes or salads are the best foods in the initial phase. If you want to continue this diet further it is not as restrictive as the first two weeks. You can increase your food intake up to 35% of your normal amount if you want further weight reduction. Once you have reached your desired weight increase the food intake up to 50 to 60% to maintain your weight.

The recommended foods for the Down Days include:

• Meal replacement shakes
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Legumes
• Whole grain products
• Skinless chicken or turkey
• Fish
• Egg whites

Drink plenty of water every day and do exercises on the Up Days. Control your weight once in a week, normally in the morning after a Down Day.

Dr. Johnson conducted many clinical trials and observed many benefits for our health. They include:

• Weight loss, 8% less weight in eight weeks
• Reduced inflammation
• Improved insulin resistance
• Better cellular energy production
• Maintain normal blood pressure
• Alleviate arthritis
• Help asthma patients
• Anti aging, achieved by controlling the free radicals

This is a good diet to try. If you have eating disorders this diet is not good. Eat normal in Up Days and binge eating must be avoided. The food could be selected in such a way that the body gets all the nutrients needed. For your questions always contact your doctor or nutritionist.

For more information and for a 30 Down Days recipes you can read the book of Dr. Johnson "The Alternate-Day Diet".

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peter D’Adamo’s book Eat Right 4 Your Type made the blood type diet popular. Even today this book is a best seller. According to D’Adamo it is not only good for weight loss but also for allergy and infection prevention. This diet plan is based on the different blood groups.

The blood groups are interpreted by D’Adamo in the following way:

• Blood group O – This is the first identified blood group. Before 50,000 BC our ancestors were hunters-gatherers. Their diet was meat based and high in protein.
• Blood group A – Around 15,000 BC our ancestors were settled as farmers and the blood group A is emerged during this time. There diet habits were vegetarian based.
• Blood group B – This blood group is evolved around 10,000 BC and our ancestors. During this period our ancestors were wanderers, constantly moving from one place to another. Therefore, the blood group B people could eat most of the foods including meat, dairy products, grains and vegetables.
• Blood group AB – It is evolved only 1000 years ago. It helped our ancestors to adjust to our modern world. They could eat the food from A and B groups.
These are the thoughts of D’Adamo and the meals are recommended on this basis.

The Food recommendations include:

• Blood Type O Diet – The recommendations are high protein and low-carb diets. Lots of meat, fish and olive oil are recommended. Milk, dairy products, beans, rice, wheat and other grains must be avoided completely. Eggs, nuts, seeds and certain vegetables and fruits can be eaten in moderate amounts. With this food vigorous exercises are suggested. We must have enough physical activities like our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
• Blood Type A Diet – Grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, pasta and rice are the recommended foods. Milk and dairy products must be avoided. Little meat can be eaten. Almost a complete vegetarian food is suggested. Calming exercises and yoga are the right physical activities for this group.
• Blood Type B Diet – Almost everything could be eaten here. Processed foods, nuts and seeds must be avoided. Excess high-carb should be not be eaten. The exercises recommended are walking, swimming and tennis.
• Blood Type AB Diet – A combination of foods allowed in A and B are allowed. Mostly vegetarian food with little meat, fish, milk and dairy products which are eaten occasionally. Calming exercises and moderate physical activities are recommended.

If you follow this diet the chances of weight loss is certainly there. It is because high calorie foods like bread, meat, fish and milk and dairy products are not recommended. In the long run the body may not get all the necessary nutrients and can lead to health problems.

You must avoid processed foods, junk foods, takeaways, chocolates and coffee in this diet and this is a big advantage.

Medical and food experts agree that this diet has no scientific evidence. This could be a start in a weight loss programme. Consult with your nutritionist for the right food and exercise for weight loss and maintenance. Learn more about food and your metabolism and it is easy to reduce weight.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Judy Mazel published her book "Beverly Hills Diet" in 1981. It was based largely on fruits. It was a low calorie diet and there were not all nutrients needed to the body. Later she wrote the „New Beverly Hills Diet“ to reduce the weight with a diet which can have all the nutrients.

Judy Mazel advocates the concept of conscious food combining. The poor combinations cause inefficient digestion which leads to weight gain. The enzymes found in food are given importance for digestion. Moreover, the body can digest the foods better if they are not eaten together. Fruits must be eaten always alone, proteins can be combined with fats, carbohydrates can be eaten with fats, but not carbohydrates with protein.

Breakfast is always only fruits and any amount of fruits can be eaten. But only one kind of fruit can be eaten at a time. There should be an interval of four hours if you want to change to another fruit. The other types of foods can be eaten after two hours of fruit consumption. If you eat carbohydrates you can eat any amount of carbohydrates till you change to protein. Once you have started protein food, all the remaining meals must contain at least 80% protein. In the 35-day initiation plan only fruits are recommended for many days.

One free meal per day is allowed where you can combine carbohydrates and protein. But the next meal must contain at least 80% protein.

Fruits play a vital role in this diet plan. It is said that papaya can soften fat in the body, pineapples can burn off the fat and watermelon can flush it out of the body.

The advantages of the New Beverly Hills Diet include:

• Has 35 days initiation diet plan with recipes
• Encourages eating fruits
• Simple to prepare
• No calorie counting
• All foods are allowed

Food combining has no effect on weight loss. It is not based on established scientific facts. It does not give information how to eat meals with all necessary nutrients for long-term weight reduction and weight maintenance. It does not encourage exercises.

Aerated beverages and artificial sweeteners must be avoided. Bier, whisky, rum and other alcoholic drinks made out of carbohydrates should be drunk with only carbohydrates. Wine goes with fruits and champagne goes will all foods.

The 35 day initiation diet assures to a weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds. It is a low calorie and low protein diet. The chance of muscle mass loss is there. The risk of weight gain with normal eating is very high. It is worth trying, but talk with your doctor or nutritionist for your individual needs and also for the weight maintenance .

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Acne is a common skin disease which causes pimples. Mostly teenagers and young adults get this. It is not known exactly what causes acne. The causes include:

• Heredity
• The hormone increase during teenage
• Starting or stopping birth control pills
• Pregnancy related hormone changes
• Can be side effects of some medicines
• Greasy makeup

There is a link between food intake and the development and severity of acne.

The problem foods include:

• Milk and dairy products
• Red meat
• Processed foods
• Junk foods
• Foods containing trans-fats
• Smoked foods
• Refined sugar
• Refined flour
• Wheat and wheat products
• White rice
• Food rich in saturated fats
• Mushroom, yeast
• Spicy foods
• Peanut products
• Charcoal grilled foods
• Excess salt
• Soft drinks
• Alcohol
• Coffee and other caffeine containing soft drinks
• Chocolates

The preferred foods include:

• Fresh fruits and vegetables
• Brow rice and oat, buckwheat and rye products
• Beans and pulses
• Nuts and seeds
• Soy beans and soy products
• Lean chicken and lean fish
• Sheep/Goat milk and milk products
• Herbal teas
Fry with less oil. Steaming is better and raw food is the best. Your food must be rich in vitamins and minerals. If necessary, you have to consider to take supplements. Here your doctor or dietitian can help you to select the right supplements and the right combinations. A supplement where you have all the vitamins and minerals are useless.

The foods recommended are fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat, high protein and low carbohydrate foods. These are also the right foods for weight reduction and weight maintenance.

You have to drink 8 to 12 glass water every day. Healthy foods make not only you but also your skin health.

For an acne sufferer it is a process of trial and error to find the right foods and the above guidelines can help you.

Chlorine in the water and contact with chlorinated hydrocarbons can cause chlorine acne and this is often seen with workers of the chemical industry.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

There is no doubt that egg is one of the best foods available. Egg diet has become more popular because some celebrities have used this diet and achieved good weight loss. In this diet you consume very little carbohydrates. Eggs, meat, cheese and other foods which are low of carbohydrates can be eaten generously. If you do not eat enough carbohydrates your body starts to use its fat reserves. The fat is converted back into glucose.

Body fluids are lost and the fats are not burnt completely if we avoid carbohydrates. Ketones are formed and it lowers appetite and may cause nausea.


• Two or more eggs, low carbohydrate vegetables (no root vegetables), grapefruit


• Eggs or fish or chicken without skin, salads and low carbohydrate vegetables


• Eggs or fish or chicken without skin, cottage cheese, salads and low carbohydrate vegetables. One orange

Two servings fruits are allowed in a day.

In the Egg and Grapefruits diet, half grapefruit is eaten with every meal. The crash version is only hard boiled eggs and water only.

No exercises are recommended with this diet.

The risk of egg diet include:

• Do not get all the necessary nutrients
• Low intake of carbohydrates means less energy for physical activities
• Fatigue and nausea are experienced in the beginning
• Can cause constipation, flatulence and bad breath
• High protein diets are usually high in saturated fat and low in fibre. This combination can raise cholesterol and the risk for heart disease and stroke
• Can increase the risk of kidney stones
• The body becomes acidic and more calcium is excreted from the body, thus a risk for osteoporosis

Egg is very healthy if we eat this with all the other foods. Only eggs or eggs with low carbohydrate vegetables are not healthy. You will put on the lost weight immediately when you start eating normal.

Consult with your doctor before starting the egg diet. This is an extreme diet and many cannot follow it continuously. Combine eggs with a normal food and it is possible to reduce and maintain weight without the above said risks. If you have questions feel free to ask me.

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Ei hat Cholesterin, aber es ist ein sehr gutes Nahrungsmittel. Cholesterin ist für unseren Körper wichtig. Ohne Cholesterin können die Körper nicht funktionieren. Nur LDL-Cholesterin ist nicht gesund.

100 g essbaren Ei enthält:

Wasser ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 74,4 g
Eiweiß ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 12,8 g
Fett ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .11.3 g
Kohlenhydrate ... ... ... ... ... ... 0,7 g

Mineralien ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . 1 g
Natrium ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 145 mg
Kalium ... ... ... ... ... ... ........ .. 145 mg
Magnesium ... ... ... ... ... ... .... 12 mg
Calcium ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..55 mg
Eisen ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. 2000 Mikrogramm
Kupfer ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 65 Mikrogramm
Zink ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 1300 Mikrogramm
Fluorid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 110 Mikrogramm
Jodid ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...10 Mikrogramm
Selen ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .......... 10 Mikrogramm

Vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, E, D, K, Nikotinamid, Pantothensäure, Biotin und Folsäure sind ebenfalls vorhanden.

Cholesterin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 395 mg
Lecithin ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... 2,7 g

Rohes Ei kann auch gegessen werden, aber es kann verunreinigt sein mit Salmonellen. Sie müssen sehr vorsichtig sein.

Unsere Leber produziert 1,5 g bis 2 g Cholesterin täglich. Vor der Ausscheidung ein Teil des Cholesterins ist auch wieder zurückbehalten, weil es für unser Leben wichtig ist.

Ei ist reich an Eisen und ist sehr nützlich, um die Hämoglobin-Menge im Blut zu erhöhen.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ms. Tammi Flynn, a dietitian and gym training instructor in Washington is the founder of this diet plan. One of her clients ate an apple before each meal without changing else and could lose weight without problems. She experimented this diet with her other clients and could achieve weight loss, up to seventeen pounds in three months.

The high fibres and sugars present in apple makes you feel full and prevents cravings. This is the principle oft he 3 apple a day diet. This diet is low in carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids. Whole grain products are preferred and refined sugars are avoided.

4 – 5 meals are recommended daily. Each meal or snack must contain lean protein food. This helps to reduce appetite and thus increases the chance of weight loss.

The recommended foods include:

• Apples
• Low fat yogurt
• Low fat cottage cheese
• Eggs
• Lean beef or mutton
• Turkey
• Chicken breast
• Salmon or other fish
• Brown rice
• Oatmeal
• Leafy vegetables, broccoli, lettuce etc.

The sample plan


• Apple
• Egg
• Cooked oatmeal or a slice of bread

Forenoon snack

• Low fat or nonfat yogurt
• Cottage cheese

• Apple
• Grilled lean meat
• 2 cups steamed broccoli or cauliflower
• ½ cup brown rice
Afternoon snack

• Fruits


• Apple
• Grilled fish
• Green salad
The above plan is only to give you an idea. You can have the food which you like. If you want to take other fruits you could take it, but 5 servings are needed. In the literature you can find hundreds of recipes including the individual plans of individuals. If done properly it is a good food.

The disadvantage is that in the long run it can become boring because it is not allowing any of your favourites. Pure vegetarians could not follow this diet.

A good lifestyle, less stress and exercises are always necessary to lose weight. 3 apple a day diet helps the majority dieters to lose weight.

If we consider the individuals needs properly it is a very good food to reduce weight.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coconut has very healthy fats. They have very less long chain saturated fatty acids and have lot of middle chain and short chain saturated fatty acids. Middle chain and short chain fatty acids are directly converted in to energy in the liver as in mother’s milk. The people who traditionally consume much coconut or coconut oil live very healthy and have less problems with overweight.

The Western food contains lot of trans-fatty acids which are not good for our health. Excess sugar, trans-fats and other additives make the food bad for our health. Here coconut diet can help to reduce the weight.

Coconut fats can speed up metabolism and improves thyroid function. They help to remove digestive problems and have antiviral effects. This diet can help to detoxify the body and can maintain a steady blood sugar level. These are considered important to lose weight.

Every day you have to take two to three tablespoons of coconut oil daily. For all your food preparation including salads coconut oil must be used.

The four phases in coconut diet are:

• The 21-day weight loss diet – Lean protein and vegetables are recommended. Three meals and one or two snacks are allowed daily. Sweets and most oft he fruits are avoided. Normally at least 5 kgs weight loss happens during these days.
• The second phase is cleansing. The cleansing drinks are based on vegetables and fibres. A colonic hydrotherapy is recommend which should be done by a experienced therapist.
• In the third phase whole grain products, recommended fruits and limited amounts of root vegetables.
• The fourth phase concentrates to maintain weight loss once the normal or ideal weight is achieved. The amount of allowed foods are slightly increased. But, sweets, high calorie fruits and alcohol must be avoided completely.

Sample coconut diet plan

• Breakfast – Eggs and bacon with vegetables prepared with coconut oil
• Forenoon snacks – 6 Macadamia nuts
• Lunch – Spinach salad with pine nuts and avocado
• Afternoon snack – Celery and goat cheese
• Dinner – Grilled fish with brown rice. Salad with coconut dressing
• Evening snack – 12 raw almonds

You have to do daily exercises. At least 15 minutes exercises daily are recommended.

This is a healthy food, but the problems is many get hunger always and break this diet. If it is modified little according to the needs of the individuals this diet can help not only to reduce but also to maintain weight.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hip and thigh diet plan is supposed to help lose weight from the problem zones like hip and thigh. Ms. Rosemary Conley developed this diet in 1983. Even today without changes this diet is used. This is a low fat diet which recommends lots of vegetables, complex carbohydrates and regular exercise.

From nature women store fat on the lower part of the body, hip and thighs. This is important to protect the reproductive organs. So, after menopause the weight distribution changes and more fat is accumulated above the waist, like men. It is interesting to note that for every 10 g of fat in the meal, women stored nearly 4 g under their skin compared to only 2.4 g in men.

Women loss fat first in the arms, in the trunk and finally in the legs and men lose first from trunk, arms and followed by their legs.

The hip and thigh diet is a very low fat diet. Ms. Rosemary Conley has given several different meal plans which can be chosen each day. The following foods are not allowed:

• All nuts and seeds
• All oils and lards
• All dairy products; skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese are allowed
• Butter and other fat spreads

Lean meat, poultry without skin, lot of vegetables, legumes and wholegrain products in limited quantities are allowed to use for the meals.

You must remember that no diet can remove fat from a particular part of the body. You must be patient, follow a healthy meal and do enough exercise regularly. Normally hip and thigh fat are the last to melt, with arms, abdomen and bust fats disappearing in the majority of women.

In this low fat diet essential fatty acids are present in much lower amounts than the recommended daily intake. Do not forget saturated fatty acids are also important for your health. We have to think about the minerals and vitamins. With a mid-term strategy it is possible to control your hip and thigh fat deposits. I used to modify the diet plans according to individuals need and with enough exercises it is possible to achieve many things. You must get enough information and this motivates you to follow the diet without any problems.

Feel free to ask me your questions.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Morning (Asa) Banana Diet is from Japan. It is very lenient and there are many good results reported. There are only few rules for this diet and so it is easy to follow. There are chances to lose many kilos. Bananas can improve digestion and the fibre present in them can give the feeling of fullness. Banana fibres may also block the absorption of some carbohydrates.

The following are the rules fort he Banana Diet:

• Breakfast
You can eat a raw banana in the morning. If you need more you can eat more. But never stuff yourself tot he point of discomfort. The bananas must be raw, should not be from deep freezer and must be uncooked. One glass of water and it must have the room temperature or lukewarm.

• Lunch
Meal of your choice

• In the afternoon
A small sweet snack is allowed if you like it

• Dinner
Meal of your choice, but must be eaten before 8 p.m. No desserts should be taken. Four hours after your meal you must go to bed and must have enough sleep. It is a must go tot he bed before midnight. Enough sleep is important for weight loss.

If you are very hungry before going to bed a small piece of fruit is allowed.

If you are hungry after your breakfast it is allowed to take cooked rice balls which have less than 200 calories.

You should follow at all times the Japanese principle of eating only until 80% full. You must drink the water in small sips during meals.

Milk, dairy products, coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol are not allowed. Water at room is the only allowed drink.

The advantages of the Morning Banana Diet include:

• Eating regular breakfast everyday is healthy and may increase metabolism. It is also helpful to reduce overeating in the day
• Avoiding coffee and tea helps for stable blood sugar levels and thus less hunger
• Late night eating of snacks prevents extra calories
• This diet discourages you overeating

The Morning Banana Diet is not advising to do any exercise. I find it is not bad if you do your regular exercise like walking etc.

The success is due to regular meals and almost no snacks and deserts. It is very good to reduce weight if the dieter do not eat excess during lunch and dinner. Persons have reduced 5 to 35 pounds with this diet and few up to 50 pounds. It is worth to try. More knowledge about your food and metabolism can make things easy to reduce and keep up your weight.

Before starting any diet if you have health problems you must talk to your doctor first.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The meaning of the Greek word „macrobiotic“ is „long life“. The Japanese George Ohsawa developed the macrobiotic diet for optimal health. Brown rice and water are only important in his diet. It was Michio Kushi expanded and developed further on Ohsawa’s macrobiotic theory. He opened the Kushi Institute in Boston in 1978 and did lot of work with his wife Aveline to popularize the macrobiotic diet in North America.

The foods for the macrobiotic diet are:

• 50% whole grains
• 25% seasonal vegetables, cooked or raw
• 10% protein foods such as fish or seafood or legumes
• 5% sea vegetables
• 5% soups
• 5% fruits, nuts or seeds

Fresh organic foods are the best. Microwave should not be used for cooking. Rice should be cooked only in a pressure cooker.

You must take enough time to eat and the food must be chewed long and properly.

Sugars, meat, poultry, milk and diary products, eggs, all processed and junk foods and alcohol must be avoided completely.

The advantages of macrobiotic diet are:

• It is high in natural, fresh and unprocessed foods
• Has lot of fibres and complex carbohydrates
• Low in saturated fats and provides enough essential fatty acids
• It is low calorie diet and good for weight loss

It is feared that the macrobiotic diet can cause nutritional deficiencies for protein, minerals and vitamins in children and calcium and iron in adults.

My experience is that it is good for weight loss and small adjustments, if necessary, can be made according to individuals situation and needs. To achieve the goal of weight loss and weight maintenance we need individual suggestions and adjustments.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

A pH of 7.0 is neutral, a pH below 7.0 is acidic and a pH above 7.0 is alkaline. Our blood pH must be slightly alkaline, 7.35 to 7.45. There will be health problems if it is below or above this range. A blood pH which is only slightly acidic, can cause coma and death. The acid forming foods like sugars, saturated fats, caffeine and milled flour products are causing cancers, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. At the same time the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits and essential fatty acids has decreased in many countries.

The disadvantages of over-acidity in the body tissues include:

• Can decrease the body’s ability to absorb nutrients including essential minerals
• Can excrete more minerals from the body
• Can decrease the energy production in the cells
• Can decrease the ability to repair damaged cells
• Can decrease the ability to detoxify the body
• The free radical scavenging can be difficult
• Can increase the chance for cancer
• Heartburn, bloating, belching and feeling full after eating small portion of food
• Migraines, sleeplessness, water retention, constipation, a burning sensation on the tongue and in the mouth and bad breath
• Continuous tiredness

To master this important problem we have to eat foods that help our body maintain the correct acidity-alkalinity balance. 75 to 80% we must eat alkalizing foods and drinks and the rest can be acid forming foods.

The list of alkalizing foods include:

Barley Grass
Beet Greens
Chard Greens
Collard Greens
Edible Flowers
Fermented Veggies
Green Beans
Green Peas
Mustard Greens
Nightshade Veggies
Parsnips (high glycemic)
Sea Veggies
Spinach, green
Sweet Potatoes
Wheat Grass
Wild Greens

Dandelion Root

Banana (high glycemic)
Cherries, sour
Coconut, fresh
Dates, dried
Figs, dried
Honeydew Melon
Tropical Fruits
Umeboshi Plums

Tempeh (fermented)
Tofu (fermented)
Whey Protein Powder


Chili Pepper
Herbs (all)
Sea Salt

Alkaline Antioxidant Water
Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Pollen
Fresh Fruit Juice
Green Juices
Lecithin Granules
Mineral Water
Molasses, blackstrap
Probiotic Cultures
Soured Dairy Products
Veggie Juices

Calcium: pH 12
Cesium: pH 14
Magnesium: pH 9
Potassium: pH 14
Sodium: pH 14

Winter Squash

Canned or Glazed Fruits

Bran, oat
Bran, wheat
Crackers, soda
Flour, wheat
Flour, white
Hemp Seed Flour
Oats (rolled)
Rice (all)
Rice Cakes
Wheat Germ

Almond Milk
Black Beans
Chick Peas
Green Peas
Kidney Beans
Pinto Beans
Red Beans
Rice Milk
Soy Beans
Soy Milk
White Beans

Cheese, Processed
Ice Cream
Ice Milk

Peanut Butter

Corned Beef
Organ Meats

Avacado Oil
Canola Oil
Corn Oil
Flax Oil
Hemp Seed Oil
Olive Oil
Safflower Oil
Sesame Oil
Sunflower Oil

Corn Syrup

Hard Liquor

Soft Drinks

Drugs, Medicinal
Drugs, Psychedelic

Non alcoholic beverages

Cola drinks
Soft drinks

Do not think that all acid forming foods are bad. They are also very important for our health. There must be the right mix.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls and young women suffer mostly from eating disorders. It is important to know the warning signs of eating disorders to help them at the right time.

The warning signs of anorexia nervosa include:

• Significant weight loss in a short time
• Preoccupied always with dieting, fat, calories and weight
• Excessive exercise
• Underweight, but still dieting
• Always express feeling of overweight
• Afraid of weight gain
• Avoiding meals with all possible excuses
• Avoiding many foods with fat or carbohydrate
• Having no menstrual periods
• Avoiding social contacts
The warning signs of bulimia nervosa include:

• Over eating even when the stomach is full and vomiting
• Vigorous exercise to reduce weight
• Fasting and dieting continuously
• Weight is always a theme
• Swollen cheeks from inducing vomiting
• Having dental problems from the acid from the stomach
• Suffering from mood changes and depression
• Abuse of water pills and laxatives
• Problem with menstrual periods
• Avoiding social contacts
With the help of doctors, psychologists, family members and friends it is possible to overcome these health problems. Otherwise, it can be fatal.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The origin of the cabbage soup diet is not exactly known. It is a low calorie diet and can be taken only for 7 days. During these days you can drink as much as cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables and other foods.

The seven days diet plan is given below:

• Day 1 - Eat as much cabbage soup as you like. All the fruits except banana can be eaten.
• Day 2 – You can take fresh, raw or cooked vegetables. Dry beans, peas, root vegetables and sweet corn must be avoided. A big baked potato with butter is allowed.
• Day 3 – Enough soup as everyday and fruits and vegetables as in Day 1 and Day 2, but avoid the baked potato with butter.
• Day 4 – Cabbage soup, 6 to 8 bananas and fat free milk are recommended.
• Day 5 – 300 to 500 g lean meat, up to 6 fresh tomatoes and the soup must be eaten at least once in this day. If you do not like meat you can take broiled fish or skinless chicken. Drink two to three litres of water.
• Day 6 – Lean meat and vegetables are recommended. Two to three steaks plus fresh, leafy vegetables and salad. At least once the cabbage soup. No potato or root vegetables.
• Day 7 – Brown rice, fresh vegetables and unsweetened fruit juices are recommended. Eat your cabbage soup at least once.

During these days you can drink unsweetened tea, black coffee, cranberry juice and water.

Alcohol and carbonated beverages including diet soda must be avoided.

It is important to prepare the cabbage soup as you like. Cabbage, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, celery and onion soup mix can be used. Spices according to your taste can be used and this can be curry, chillies, peppers, parsley etc. Avoid too much of salt in the soup.

The cabbage soup is bland for some persons, can make gas problems, and lacks nutrients like fat and protein and mostly contains lot of salt.

The cabbage soup diet is good for fast weight loss. It is not a long-term weight loss solution. After this diet a normal diet plan with enough exercises must be followed.

You must be healthy and have will power for this diet. If there is lightheadedness go to your doctor immediately. It may be a good beginning because you know the success is there and you can be motivated.

The cabbage soup diet and the continuation with a good diet plan helps you to reach your goal in weight reduction and also helps you to maintain your normal or ideal weight.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yes, there are several diet plans developed by experts or from the experience of people. Food is always individual to each person. It depends on his/her daily needs. I have found far more than hundred diet plans in the literature. Many are interesting and many should be followed for a particular time to achieve weight reduction or any other goal set by you.

You have to give your body all the necessary nutrients. Our body can produce few substances and the majority must be taken from your food. Fresh food is the best.

I will select diet plans and explain you the advantages and disadvantages of them. If you have enough knowledge about your food it is interesting not only to follow the diet plans but also to try several things from which you know more about your food, body and health. It helps to achieve your goals easily.

Why do you need help to select the right food for our health? We all don’t have the complete knowledge of food. A discussion with an expert give you many information and in course of time you are in a position to take the right decision.

Health is your best wealth. Want to learn more? Then ask me and we learn together.

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