In 2009 I was in Tamil Nadu, India for more than 4 months. That was my last long stay there. The present journey was only for three weeks and was packed full to visit places, family members, relatives and friends. I could meet many friends there and unfortunately I couldn’t also meet many. It is difficult to predict there what will and will not happen there and we have to accept that as we have to accept our fate.

Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Sattur (my native place), Sivakasi, Thirunelveli, Thiruchendur, Kanyakumari, Thanjavur, Kumbakonam and Vaitheeswarankoil are the places visited by me.

The economical changes are great. The roads are full. The prices are shooting up. Many earn well, but nobody has time. Many have no time for themselves, to their families and friends. This quick life brings also many problems. The standard of life is increased and for many it means more food and alcohol. Heart attack reached the people in their thirties. All want to be healthy and do a lot, but without a solid basis.

I had the chance to talk to people who are known to me for a long time. Most of them eat 70% to 90% only carbohydrates. Meat is consumed in large quantities. Many take the advice of the dieticians. But, an individual advice is rare to get. Vegetables and fruits are consumed less because of the high prices. It is applicable to pulses and beans too. Local groundnuts are cheap and many don’t eat because of the high fat in them. Almonds are almost 80% costlier than in Germany.

Local sweets and chocolates are taken in huge quantities. Many are addicted to this.

To conclude, many have deficits in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is easy to get these with a right mix of available foods there. I hope they get the right information and above all, they must be in a position to change their food habits.

“You are what you eat”. It is only in your hands to give all the necessary nutrients to your body to be healthy.

The positive changes that I expected there are not taking place quickly. They need time, more time.