Almond is a unique package of nutrients which are vital to your health. It is good to use it everyday.

The numerous health benefits of almond include:

• Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease
• Helps to bring down cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol
• Helps to reduce the risk of diabetes
• Helps to rejuvenate the skin. Almond paste is good to prevent wrinkles and dry skin
• Provides high quality proteins to vegetarians
• Helps to build muscles
• Helps your nervous system
• Helps your digestive system
• Can reduce the risk of cancer
• It is a very good food during weight reduction
• It is believed to improve memory
• Almond milk is a good substitute if you have cow milk allergy
• It is rich in iron and is a good food to fight against anemia
• It is a good laxative
• It is a good food to pregnant woman

We can say that almond is a complete food.