It is very simple to explain you why my approach is better. If somebody asks for counselling and diet plan the procedure is as follows:

• They have to go to my home page, download the Aaron Analysis Form in counselling, fill the form completely and send to me.
• I go through that and I chat with them once to understand exactly what they need, what should I do and what is possible with their situation.
• I write them an elaborate diet plan by considering their metabolism.
• They read it and I chat with me and ask their doubts and questions.
• I explain them exactly why I recommend the different foods in the diet plan.
• I accompany them further. They contact me by mail or yahoo messenger or with Skype for anything. Mostly about the hunger which they can’t stop. I give them tips and recommend them how to master the situation. They pay me only once to get my service always.
• They can not only reduce their weight but also save money. It is because many take several unnecessary and wrong supplements. I have heard from many that they save more money from this that they pay me.
• I master many fields which are important for our life and so they get information and advice from all fields and this is also an important reason fort he success of my weight reduction methods.
• My metabolism based diet plans are individual, tailor-made for your requirements.
• You can maintain your weight without any problem because you are eating during weight reduction and afterwards only with very little changes.

Sure, you can also get rebate form my counselling with diet plan. This is also individual.

Contact me in Facebook or mail me, or in Skype, paddica. The success is always yours with my counsellings and diet plan.