Whether it is candies or chocolates or other sweets we know that much sugar is present there. It is easy to avoid. But what about the hidden sugars? Many processed foods like potato salad, bread spreads, tomato ketchup or ready-made soup mix contain much sugar. It is also mostly not declared on the label. To reduce your weight and to maintain it you must know well about this.

If it is declared sugar-free on the label mostly the industry means sucrose free. Sucrose is table sugar. But glucose, maltose, fructose, fructose, lactose and sucrose are the different names for sugar and only the origin is different, but all have the same calories. Some declare only as carbohydrates. That is why you must be in a position to interpret rightly the misleading labels. Do not forget sorbitol, xylitol and maltitol also contain calories. Sugar-free means no sugar or honey are added extra, but there can be other carbohydrates.

If we take too much of sugar our nerves lose their capacity to enjoy the natural sweetness of our food. Moreover, sweet foods increase the production of insulin which decreases the blood sugar levels. This is the reason for cravings for something sweet. Then we eat too much without any control and the weight gain is the result.

It is possible to change your habits to sweet your food with natural sweets. They include:

• Use fresh fruits to sweet yogurt or cottage cheese
• Add to muesli honey or sulphur-free dry fruits or grated coconut
• Mix your fruit juice with water and everyday increase the amount of water
• Select the raw or cooked grains or vegetables which have the natural sweet taste
• Avoid soft drinks, Ice-tea and drinks with caffeine, but coffee and tea are allowed
• Never go for shopping if you are hungry. Mostly you buy all the foods which are sweet or high fat foods.

It is easy to reduce and maintain your weight. You must know only the necessary information. Once you have understood this it is a great joy to lose weight.