It is very easy to follow a healthy lifestyle. There are only few rules that you must keep in mind. Healthy lifestyle does not mean sacrificing everything.

The important rules include:

1. Fresh foods are the best. Avoid all the junk foods, processed foods and foods where chemicals are added. It is better to eat wholegrain bread than white bread, cooked fish than fried fish and cooked meat than fried meat. Use healthy plant oils to cook and never and olive oil is good for salads. Avoid completely cheap fats and these contains mostly the unhealthy trans-fat. If you have less time you can cook soup from fresh vegetables and can freeze it in portions. Frozen vegetables are good, but here also you have to see the label for added chemicals to increase the deepness oft he colour. With frozen vegetables it is easy to make a good and healthy meal.
2. Do not count the calories always. Fats, carbohydrates, particularly refined sugar and food with hidden calories like fast food and snacks must be eaten in small quantities. Be careful with the amount of rice, noodles, potatoes and bread. You can eat any amount of fresh vegetables and fruits with only few exceptions like root vegetables or bananas.
3. You need not sacrifice your favourite chocolates, cakes, chips or anything you like. Now and then you can eat these also. If you eat more in a day next day you must be careful.
4. Fluid intake must be 3 to 4 litres. 70% of this must be drinking water. Fruit juices are very important. Two cups of tea or coffee in a day is not bad if you like. Avoid all cola and soft drinks. But now and then a glass of cola or soft drinks is allowed.
5. You must have some physical activity everyday.
6. You must reduce your stress whether it is coming from the family, friends or from your company.

You can make your own rules based on this to have a good and healthy lifestyle.