Yes, breakfast is very important. In my last visit to India I met my nephew in my native place. He was looking very sick. His blood pressure was very high. His doctor gave him medicines. He was not eating properly. All were worried.

I asked my sister to bring the food available in the house and asked him to eat. Before that I have measured his blood pressure and it was high. He ate the food served. I measured his blood pressure after 5, 10 and 15 minutes and there was no big change. As I measured his blood pressure after 20 minutes we have seen a sudden drop in his blood pressure and this time it was normal.

I asked him to go home and do this same procedure next morning. He measured his blood pressure; it was high, had his breakfast and measured once again. His blood was normal. From that day onwards he is taking his food in regular time and is happy without taking medicines.

The time interval between dinner and the breakfast should not be very long. This is also one of the reasons why many heart attacks are happening in the early morning.

Have a good breakfast in the mornings and the days start successfully.