Theoretically you are right, but practically there are problems. All the metals are poisons in high amounts. The essential element iron is also a poison if we have it excess in our body. Iron can improve the level of hemoglobin if taken properly through right foods.

If you take iron supplement all the iron absorbed cannot be converted into hemoglobin. The excess iron can deposit in the muscles of heart, kidney, liver and other organs. Our body has enough water and 37°C and this is optimum to rust the deposited iron in the muscles. This process produces too many dangerous hydroxyl free radicals through Fenton’s reaction. As we all know free radicals are way very important for your health, but on the other hand very dangerous for our health in excess.

Iron tablets could be taken for 14 days without any problems. If you want to take longer consult with your doctor and you must be under his strict supervision.

A good dietician can tell you how easy it is to increase the iron value, thus the hemoglobin, with right food. This is the best way for our health. Tablets are there to help quickly for a short time in emergency cases.

Keep in mind the role of vitamin C and aluminium in iron absorption.

Iron tablets are poisonous for children and could be fatal. Lock them in a safe and secure place.