We know now the problems of radioactivity better because of the Fukushima accident in Japan. We have enough scientific information after 25 years of Chernobyl accident. Based on that, we could predict the hidden dangers of radioactivity.

The hidden dangers include:

• Thyroid tumors
• Leukemia
• Bladder caner
• Liver cancer
• Breast cancer
• Testicular cancer

The risk for tumor developing is far higher in children than adults.

The psychological, social and health problems are also very high.

The reproductive organs of men and women are also seriously affected and the dangers include:

• Reduced fertility in men
• Reduced fertility in women
• Increased stillbirths
• Increased birth defects – heart malformation, neural tube defects etc.
• Negative influence on children’s intelligence
• Negative influence on children’s general health

Adults had more heart attack and stroke. Fear and resettlement ruined many too.

Yes, the hidden dangers are very serious. This is happening in Japan now. Shall we learn something from this accident?