The uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body is cancer. It is a group of disease. Cancer kills millions of people every year in our world. Few can be curable if diagnosed in the early stages. We can do a lot to minimize the risk of cancer. The hereditary risk factor is only about 5% to 10%. The rest comes from our lifestyle, diet and environment. We see here the many ways to reduce the cancer risks.

Many people know that heavy alcohol consumption can cause health problems. Interestingly, many people do not know that alcohol can increase the cancer risk. Alcohol is definitely a risk factor for cancers. Research has clearly established the link between alcohol consumption and the risk for developing cancers. If more alcohol is drunk the risk is correspondingly high. The exact mechanism is not yet clear. It may be because alcohol can alter the hormone levels or make the liver not to metabolize certain cancer producing substances so that the healthy cells are vulnerable to cancer. We can compare this with the adverse effects of tobacco.

The risk may include the cancer of:

• Breast in women
• Colon
• Esophagus
• Larynx (voice box)
• Liver
• Mouth
• Throat
• Rectum

Alcohol and smoking or the use of tobacco products together increases this risk further. Few drinks a day may be already dangerous. As we all know in smokers, the more you drink the more you smoke and this increases the risk.

Alcohol can affect estrogen levels in a woman’s body and this may be the reason for the increased risk of breast cancer. Few drinks in a week can be sometimes too much. It is better not to drink alcohol or drink in very moderate amount to lower the risk of breast cancer.

For mouth and throat alcohol is an irritant and this damages the cells. The damaged cells try to repair themselves by changing their DNA and this may result the uncontrolled growth of the cells and thus the cancer.

Alcohol is converted into acetaldehyde in the colon by bacteria and this may be the reason for colon and rectum cancer.

Alcohol can damage the liver that results scarring and inflammation. This can be fatal.

Alcohol is not necessary for the metabolism and so without any problem one can avoid it. If you want to drink in social events drink less. A glass of beer or wine or champagne is allowed. But avoid all drinks that have high percent of alcohol.

There are many ways to enjoy life without alcohol…