Yes, there are several diet plans developed by experts or from the experience of people. Food is always individual to each person. It depends on his/her daily needs. I have found far more than hundred diet plans in the literature. Many are interesting and many should be followed for a particular time to achieve weight reduction or any other goal set by you.

You have to give your body all the necessary nutrients. Our body can produce few substances and the majority must be taken from your food. Fresh food is the best.

I will select diet plans and explain you the advantages and disadvantages of them. If you have enough knowledge about your food it is interesting not only to follow the diet plans but also to try several things from which you know more about your food, body and health. It helps to achieve your goals easily.

Why do you need help to select the right food for our health? We all don’t have the complete knowledge of food. A discussion with an expert give you many information and in course of time you are in a position to take the right decision.

Health is your best wealth. Want to learn more? Then ask me and we learn together.