The alternate day diet is also called intermittent fasting or longevity diet. You eat today normal and tomorrow only very little and the cycle continues. This seems to trigger a „skinny gene“ which encourages the body to burn fat. For the first two weeks you take only 20% of the normal food every alternate day. If you are a calorie counter it is about 500 calories per day. These Down Days and Up Days are easy to manage.

Meal replacement shakes or salads are the best foods in the initial phase. If you want to continue this diet further it is not as restrictive as the first two weeks. You can increase your food intake up to 35% of your normal amount if you want further weight reduction. Once you have reached your desired weight increase the food intake up to 50 to 60% to maintain your weight.

The recommended foods for the Down Days include:

• Meal replacement shakes
• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Legumes
• Whole grain products
• Skinless chicken or turkey
• Fish
• Egg whites

Drink plenty of water every day and do exercises on the Up Days. Control your weight once in a week, normally in the morning after a Down Day.

Dr. Johnson conducted many clinical trials and observed many benefits for our health. They include:

• Weight loss, 8% less weight in eight weeks
• Reduced inflammation
• Improved insulin resistance
• Better cellular energy production
• Maintain normal blood pressure
• Alleviate arthritis
• Help asthma patients
• Anti aging, achieved by controlling the free radicals

This is a good diet to try. If you have eating disorders this diet is not good. Eat normal in Up Days and binge eating must be avoided. The food could be selected in such a way that the body gets all the nutrients needed. For your questions always contact your doctor or nutritionist.

For more information and for a 30 Down Days recipes you can read the book of Dr. Johnson "The Alternate-Day Diet".