My last report was on 27th December 2009. Eight months are gone and today I can share with you my further experiences. I did the oil pulling continuously with one break of 30 days to see the effects during this break. Moreover, I have recommended oil pulling to many of my friends in different parts of the world to collect more firsthand information.

The group contains persons who are suffering from sinus problems. I have told them how to do the oil pulling. The sesame oil used is according to their choice. Few want to use organic sesame oil and others prefer the sesame oil available in the market. There was no improvement in the beginning. I have asked them to do it at least for four months daily. The positive effects are seen after 60 days in many. But, the chronic sufferers felt relief only after 120 days.

From the report of almost 30 persons it is interesting to know that the time they need to get relief is individual. It seems one can get relief after two months or it may take even six months or more. It is worth to try as sesame oil has no side effects. The positive effects may be because of the antibacterial effect of the sesame oil. More research must be done in this field.

White teeth, fresh breath and infection-free mouth and gum are reported from all. Persons who had regular gum problems have got complete cure. We know the health cost of these problems and it is worth to try oil pulling to know its advantages for our health. Try this sesame oil pulling and inform me you experiences and opinion.

Tomorrow I will write you what happened during the 30 days when I stopped to do oil pulling.