The 30 days interval! I was curious to know what would happen if I stop oil pulling suddenly. So I stopped it suddenly and was eagerly waiting to see what would happen. Nothing happened in the beginning and I was very much disappointed.

Two weeks later I had sore throat and I noticed the announcement for a cold. The problem started when I got up in the morning. I did immediately oil pulling; even then my nose was running next day. I did not take any medicines as usual and continued the oil pulling.

My observations were:

• Day 1 – sore throat; I started the oil pulling
• Day 2 – still sore throat and my nose started to run
• Day 3 – throat was far better and nose running was slowed down
• Day 4 – throat was completely cured. Nose was not running. I was free of cold

All the problems associated with the cold were not seen there. My throat was not sore for several days. Although my nose was running for two days it was only a small botheration. I was not tired and fit immediately after I recovered from the cold. No headache, no cough or no excessive tearing of the eyes. My lungs had no problems after the cold attack. Since I did the oil pulling on the same day the sore throat had not also given me much problem and I could swallow without any problem.

You can try this next time when you feel that you are going to get a cold. Inform me your valuable experience.

Three weeks have passed and I got little pain in my gum. I waited one more day to give more time for the microorganism and started the oil pulling. I did the oil pulling for two days and there was no pain in my gum. I could prevent the pain, further infection and a visit to my dentist. You must remember always that from sesame oil pulling you do not get any side effects.

I have asked some persons who have depression to do the oil pulling. Normally, the depressed people are not in a position to do the mouth hygiene in a good way. There are often gum infections and many even lose their teeth. With this simple oil pulling we can help them in a big way. There is no pain and no expenses. It is better the health insurances inform their members about this cheap but very effective method.

Now I continue the oil pulling. I will inform you if there are other good observations. You can inform me your experiences and we can try to help many.