Alcohol and tobacco abuse are two risk factors among many for type 2-diabetes. Most scientists agree that these two increase the risk of type 2-diabetes. As we know, there are many other risk factors which can influence type 2-diabetes. Normally you are not having all the risk factors. Some risk factors may apply to you and the others may not. Therefore, it is always good to know all the risk factors before we deeply go to alcohol and tobacco.

The type 2-diabetes risk factors include:

• Race and ethnicity
• Hereditary
• Personal history
• Age, above 40 years
• Overweight or obesity
• Waist circumference above 88 cm for women and 103 cm for men
• Diabetes during pregnancy
• Excess food intake
• Less physical activity
• Alcohol
• Tobacco smoke

Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol – two drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women – may lower the risk of diabetes. But, if you drink more it is a risk factor for type 2-diabetes. Too much alcohol can affect the pancreas and disturbs the ability to secrete insulin. In course of time this leads to type 2-diabetes.

Tobacco or tobacco smoke is as harmful as excess alcohol. Use of tobacco and tobacco products can increase the blood sugar levels and this leads to insulin resistance. The smokers have double the risk of developing type 2-diabetes when compared to nonsmokers. Passive smoking must also be completely avoided and is more dangerous than smoking.

Alcohol need not be a must every day. Never offer to persons who do not want to drink alcohol. Now and then one or two drinks or one glass beer or one glass red wine or one glass champagne is allowed. Remember always consuming more than this can make you an addict. That is why your doctor does not recommend alcohol.

Increased risk of type 2-diabetes is another important reason to stop smoking completely. It is advisable not to use any tobacco products. There is no compromise like in alcohol.