At first it is important to know that your wife is not a sex machine. You press the ON button and she is ready for sex. You have your normal sexual desire although you work during the day. What do you do other than your office work? You may be meeting friends, visiting bars, watching sports in television or reading news paper. It is evening, the children have slept and you want to have your fun. You expect that it is her duty to make you happy.

Have you ever thought of her work during the day? She gets up before you, prepare for the breakfast. She has to make the children ready for the school before the school bus comes. In between you want your coffee and may miss many things which you need every day. You ask her only where they are. You have gone, children have gone and she makes her ready and rushes to her office. The work is heavy in her office. Back home she has to take care of the children and their needs and even the home work. The preparation of the dinner and finally cleaning the kitchen too involves lot of work. The desire for sex is different in women when the workload increases. It decreases with increase of workload.

You need every morning fresh clothes and it she who organizes washing and ironing. Her work is over and it may be 10 p.m. You are relaxed and wait with full expectation of your wife. She is tired and almost burnt out. Her thoughts are already at 5 a.m., next morning, the time she must get up. This kind of problems is normal in many families around the world. The frustrated men masturbate or go somewhere to get sex. Many spoil their health too in this process.

If you are intelligent you can find a way for this problem. You put yourself in your wife’s role and then you know at least she is doing three times more work than you. You will never dare to do so much.

The first thing is share her work and help her wherever it is possible. Several things can be done by you with proper instructions from your wife. If both are working clothes can be given for washing outside or have a help in the home. You can take care of the home work of your children. You can play with your children which is good for both sides.

Flowers or other small things are the gifts you must think of often and every woman likes this. Tell her often that you love her and during the day you can call her and tell her that you are eagerly waiting for the evening. The romantic flame must always burn in her mind. This is only possible if she has time to think and relax. Family life is a team work and both the partners must know what to do and when. These are learnt in course of time. After you both wait when the children go to bed.

You can ask your or her parents to take care of the children and have a day or two for you both only. This is the best way to relax and enjoy too.

If there are health problems you must take her to your doctor. A light depression can kill the desire to sex. The same is with headache and migraine. Child birth is normally a problem too because the mother is fixed on her child now. You must talk with her about everything and communication can solve many problems. Make her first happy and then you get at least ten times more from her. Unfortunately, many men do not understand this simple trick.

Above all love must be the reason for sexual enjoyment. You try this and I’m sure your sexual life will be happy.