What is the difference in eating habits between thin people and others with excess weight? If you notice – in family members or friends – thin people take long time to eat their food and the others gobble it down. Eating slowly is one of the important methods to reduce weight. The reason is that from the time you start eating it takes your brain 20 minutes to send signaling feeling of fullness. It is normal that quick eaters can consume during these 20 minutes much more than they need and the fat accumulates in the body. Slow-eating is a powerful tool to reduce weight.

There are many other positive effects in slow-eating and they include:

• Helps to lose weight
• You enjoy your food far better
• Leads to better digestion
• Reduces stress
• Makes an end to fast life and fast food

Take time for you and try it for few days and surely you know the changes happening in your body and mind. It costs you nothing and the time you can arrange at any situation if there is a will.

There are enough studies to prove this.

Exercise is a must in our daily life. Eat enough vegetables and fruits with other good and healthy food.

Write me your experiences…