Osteoporosis or porous bone is a known word to many now as the advertisements for the calcium supplements with vitamin D reaches all television watchers in our world. Bone is a living tissue and the disease caused by low bone mass and loss of bone tissue is osteoporosis. With osteoporosis you have increased risk for hip, spine and wrist fracture. It is because osteoporosis makes the bone fragile. The peak bone density is reached at approximately 30 years of age and so the damage begins much earlier.

It is not only a old women’s disease as many think. Men suffer also from osteoporosis. There are two million men suffer osteoporosis in the United States of America. Enough calcium intakes from food and an optimum calcium metabolism can prevent osteoporosis. It is important to build strong bones in young ages so that osteoporosis has no chance in later life. Young ages mean during childhood and adolescence are the best time to build strong bones. This is the best osteoporosis prevention method later in life.

The important steps to prevent osteoporosis include:

• Eat the right diet for you. It must be rich in calcium and vitamin D. Consult your dietician to take the optimum food. Maintain your normal weight. It is dangerous to have below your ideal weight.

• Physical activity like walking, jogging, running, climbing stairs, playing tennis and other similar sports, dancing and jumping rope is good. If you do this for the first time consult with your doctor.

• Weight lifting and weight machines in gym clubs. If you do this for the first time consult with your doctor.

• No smoking and other tobacco products – nicotine inhibits the bone protective effect of estrogen in women. The menopause sets earlier and thus the risk for osteoporosis. Disturbs the calcium absorption from the food.

• No excessive alcohol intake

• Take calcium and vitamin D supplements, if necessary

All these precautions are important and there is no compromise. Parents must inform the children and adolescents the importance of good food and exercise. Once understood properly they have no problem to follow that. This is my personal experience.

Prevention is better than cure. It is in your hands to be healthy. It is not advisable to consume too much processed foods, fast foods and junk foods.