Today microwave ovens are the part of all modern kitchens. Many can’t live without microwave ovens. Many have good knowledge to use the microwave properly and many use just like that without thinking too much. There are advantages, disadvantages as well as dangers. If we consider these points it can be a good help to us. If we use a kitchen instrument it is always important to know about them very well. Read the manufacturer’s instructions very carefully. Ask your family members and friends about their experiences with microwave ovens.

The principle of working microwave oven is very simple. Microwaves are energy that can be absorbed by the food particles inside an oven. Microwaves make the water content inside the food particles to vibrate and this causes the food particles to rub against each other. This produces heat energy that is used to cook the food. The variable factors for faster cooking of foods are the increase of the power supply and the cooking time.
The advantages of the microwaves oven include:

• Good retain of flavor and taste of some foods
• Short cooking time and so less nutrients loss
• Stays only very shortly between 5°C to 60°C and so less chances to be infected
• Cheap running costs as only electricity is needed
• Pre-heating is not necessary
• Can be used immediately, switching on is enough
• Doesn’t heat the kitchen unnecessarily
• No cooking odor in the kitchen and in the house
• Kitchen is clean as less or no food is spilled
• Needn’t be cleaned often, mostly simple wiping is enough
• Can be combine with conventional ovens
• Some foods cannot be cooked. You must note the manufacturer’s instructions

Where there are many advantages, there can be disadvantages too surely. These disadvantages include:

• Can cause over cooking of the food as it is very fast
• Uneven cooking, food on the top can be very hot and on the bottom cold, thus uncooked. During cooking stirring is necessary at regular intervals
• You must use special utensils. Metal vessels must be avoided
• Few types of foods cannot be cooked; note manufacturer’s instructions

There are many advantages and few disadvantages and it seems wonderful. But, there are some dangers and you must know about these very well. The dangers include:

• Radiation leaks - exposure to high levels of microwave radiation can cause health problems including cataracts and burns. Damaged oven door or not properly sealed door is the source of radiation leaks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions always. Keep it clean and do not run it if it is empty
• Avoid burns – the cooked food in the plastic container can be very hot or lot of steam can escape quickly. Don’t heat baby milk bottles in the microwave. The milk inside can be dangerously hot although the bottles have safe temperature. Use the microwave-safe plastic wrap loosely so that the steam can escape. If the food has many layers the out layer is warm, but the inner layer can be dangerously hot.
• A microwave oven is not a sterilizer – it cannot sterilize bottles or jars. Boiling in water for 10 minutes or chemical sterilization is the best way to sterilize

The manufacturer’s instruction booklet mostly gives all the information needed. If you don’t find the information you needed you must be very careful.