It is an interesting question. Let us try to find some answer for this. A woman/man has the same nature that a man/woman has, the same human rights to life, job, liberty and of course, the pursuit of happiness. At the same time both has the same human duties in all the fields starting from childhood to old age. Even then, a woman is different than man in many respects, not only in their anatomy. Are women and men really different? What are the evidences on the psychological level that women and men are the same or different?

Many think that women and men are entirely different. But if you see many psychological studies they reveal that 80% men and women are same in their thoughts. In the other qualities they are different, you could say almost entirely. These qualities include:

• Men think broadly, today you can say globally but women fix or focus on deep details or they are subtle.
• Men take risk in all their activities but women want to guard their knowledge they find and pass it on others too.
• Men want to be independent where mostly the women co-operate.
• Men get satisfaction from career and wealth, but women value the families more.
• Women usually make lower self-judgment than men.
• Men give priority to their personal goals and women show priority to their relationship.
• Men get more sickness than women, but women concern more about their health than men.
• Women handle individually and ready to suffer hardship and pain better than men.
• Men tend to prioritize their personal goals, while women tend to prioritize relationships.
• Men tend to get sick more than women, but women tend to be more concerned with their health than men.
• Women tend to handle monotony and endure hardship and pain better than men.

These are some of the recent findings with respect to the psychological nature and functioning of both sexes. I would like to warn you that infancy, culture and genetic factors play a major role which we cannot simply ignore. That is why it is more difficult to say whether they are same or different but we must accept that they are individuals irrespective of women or men.
There are differences in daily life also and it may be different in different countries, cultures and in races. Surprisingly, here also men act or do differently than women. Here I could tell you some of these points which include:

• Maturity – Women mature much faster than men. In Western countries most of the 19 year old women have already well paid jobs, own rental apartments, own car, go for holidays and her boy friend, may be 25 or 26 still studying and completely immature for life.
• When men and women see television each reacts very differently.
• If they have to write something the men scratch quickly and women decorate their writings.
• Most of the men have only few items in their bathroom and there are enough women in the world who have more than 400 items in their bathroom. This is applicable to shoes also.
• Mostly women make a list of things she needs and buys. But, men wait till his fridge is empty, goes to the shop and buys everything which he finds or looks good. Usually there are more unnecessary things also.
• Men see telephone or cell phone as a communication instrument and talk shortly or send short sms. Women come back from her girlfriend’s house and upon returning home she will call the same friend and talk to her several hours.
• The women sometimes admit making a mistake, but the men almost never admit their mistake.
• Women like film stars like Richard Gere and others, but men do not like them because they remind them only cheap persons who dates only married or older woman.
• A woman knows all about her children – their favorite friends, foods, dreams, sport-, music-, and doctor- appointments. Normally, a man is not aware of these things.
• Whatever women do or go out they will dress up good, but the men will dress up for his office, weddings or to funerals in the same way.
• Men love to talk about politics, but many do not go for voting. Women are interested in politics if they like the politician or the politician is a woman. Mostly, they go regularly for voting.
• Women wash their clothes very often and men do not do.
• Little girl children love to play with toys and mostly at the age of 11 or 12 they lose interest except their doll and Teddy Bear. But men lose this interest never, only with age the toy is different, mini cars to video games or more expensive things.
• Women are good to water plants in the rooms. If the man does this work when his wife or girlfriend is not there after a weak most of the plants are dead. Usually he over waters the plants.
• Women love cats and dogs and men say they also love cats and dogs. But when the women are not looking the men kick these animals.
• A man does not call a relationship a relationship. If a relationship breaks the man suffers a lot because his property is gone. The sufferings sometimes last lifelong. The woman will cry, pour her heart out to her girl or homosexual men friends, and think that all men are idiots. Then she makes a full stop and get on with her life.
• Women prefer more closeness and at least 30 – 45 minutes foreplay and men prefer 30 to 45 seconds.
• During menopause a woman goes through a variety of complicated biological, emotional and psychological changes. These changes are different in different women. The men have the same during menopause – buying modern things which normally young men buy, take a girl friend in her early twenties and buy Porsche or big BMW or big Mercedes Benz.

One more theme which is discussed very hot is who is better, men or women? If you see the education, social and demographic trends in our world here the women lead. But whether they get their share or not, is entirely a different thing.

A recent study in USA says the women are leading in the following points:
Women are better because they are

• Honest
• Intelligent
• Compassionate
• Outgoing
• Creative

Men are better because they are

• Decisive

Both are equal in

• Hard working
• Ambitious

Women make lot of progress in all the countries but they seldom come to the top in political or corporate leadership. The reasons are gender discrimination, not willing to change and the “male unity” in this particular question. Others say diplomatically that the women lack experience and their family responsibility is the reason for this.

If we take men and women in Public Office the results are very interesting. The women have better performance skills in

• Working out compromises
• Keeping government honest
• Representing public interests
• Standing up what they believe

In Policy matters

• Dealing with social issues

The men are better in Policy matters and they include:

• Dealing with crime and public safety
• Dealing with national security and defense

These are very important points which decide much in the future. At the same time I find the discussions who is the best cook or best driver are only there to talk and to have fun among men and women.

But we could not deny the facts that in schools and colleges or universities more women are studying than men. If you see the results the women are always on the top and this will have a strong impact in the future in social, political, economical, financial and industrial fields. Nobody could deny this.

The difference in thinking about sex is not dealt here.

Is it clear for you now? If not read it once again…