Whole grain oat flour or oat bran can reduce cholesterol and the bad LDL-cholesterol. The fibre, beta-glucan is responsible for this reduction. The amount of good HDL-cholesterol is not lowered.

100g oat bran provides at least 5.5g and whole grain oat flour provides at least 4g beta-glucan soluble fibre. 3g of beta-glucan intake is suggested for the reduction of cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol.

Normally 60g oat bran is enough to get the necessary amount of beta-glucan. Do not take too much of oat flour and the benefit is not increasing with more intake.

The reduction of cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol can be achieved if you take food with less saturated fatty acids and a good lifestyle. Regular physical activity is a must.

Oat flour contains approximately 60% carbohydrates and an uncontrolled huge intake is not healthy.