Grey hair is a part of human aging process. There are many different factors which play a role in greying hair. Few get grey hair when they are young. Grey hair will not make us wise, but with increasing age it is possible. There is no connection to grey hair and wisdom.

What can we do against getting grey hair? We cannot do much because the primary cause is mostly genetics. But there are ways to stop or slow down greying.

Stress is an important factor to cause premature grey hair. We are extremely busy all the time. Stress starts from kindergarten and ends when we die. We have extreme stress in the school, college, office and family. The stress a woman or man gets when she/he sees her/his first grey hair is great. Many play mad and many spend a fortune to avoid further greying.

There are other factors to avoid premature grey hair and they include:

·        Avoid all sorts of stress
·        Have healthy diet
·        Have enough, regular sleep
·        Good lifestyle
·        Avoid smoking
·        Avoid party and other illegal drugs
·        Avoid excess alcohol
·        Enough physical activity

As you see it is in your hands to avoid premature grey hair.

In our society looking young is valued much. What to do if there is grey hair? Do not spend money in wonder creams or lotions and nothing will help. The best way is to dye your hair and this could be done always without any problem.  Be careful with the dyes and check before whether you have allergy with the chemicals there.  At any cost never keep the on your head than the given time for that dye. Wash generously many times with water till the dye is completely removed. Otherwise also there will be the chance for the allergy.

Grey hair is a part of our life. If you are mentally mature it will not disturb you at all.