It is impossible to know what happens exactly between the partners in their homes. But, there are warning signs which may tell you about domestic violence and abuse.

The general warning signs of domestic violence include:

• Afraid of the partner
• Want to please the partner always
• Say only “Yes” to the partner
• Report the partner often where and what she does
• Receive harassing or insulting phone calls from the partner
• Very often talk about partner’s jealousy, temper or possessiveness

The abuser may isolate the partner and this happens very often. The warning signs of isolation include:

• Not allowing to see or meet family members and friends
• Not allowed to go out without the partner
• Has very limited or no access to money

In domestic violence and abuse we have physical as well as psychological abuses. The warning signs of physical violence include:

• Has frequent injuries; usual excuse is accidents
• Often absent in work or in social gatherings without explanation
• Used to wear clothes to hide the scars and bruises. Wearing sunglasses inside the buildings and wearing long sleeves in the hot weather

The abused have many psychological problems also. The psychological warning signs of abuse include:

• Has very low self-esteem
• Major personality changes
• Is depressed or anxious
• May be thinking or talking about suicide

If you notice these warning signs in your family member or friends you must talk to them. You must ask and show your concern to them. You must listen to them very carefully and try to understand their situation rightly. You must offer help to them and support their decisions. These can be very valuable to them.