Fibres and antioxidants of vegetables and fruits are capable of reducing the blood pressure. Comparatively the fibres and antioxidants of fruits are more effective than those of vegetables.

Celery is known to reduce the blood pressure, but it has also sodium which can increase the pressure. Take one to two stalks and this is enough.

Garlic is also important to reduce the blood pressure and the mechanism is dilation of the arteries. Onion and garlic have adenosine which is a smooth muscle relaxant. Raw or cooked, both are effective to control the blood pressure.

All leafy vegetables are good to reduce the blood pressure. All fruits are also good. 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables are good in a day.

You must have a good lifestyle. Avoid alcohol and tobacco. Keep your weight normal. Have enough physical activity.

Above all, you must avoid all forms of stress. You must know how to manage your stress well. Avoiding mental stress reduces the blood pressure and keeps it normal.