Millions of people are suffering from type-2 diabetes in our world and one can do a lot to prevent or postpone this disease.

The main risk factors include:

• Having a first-degree relatives – parents, brother, sister or child – with type-2 diabetes
• Having overweight or obesity
• High blood pressure
• HDL-cholesterol is less than 35 mg/dl or triglyceride level greater than 250 mg/dl
• Having a waist measuring more than 80 cm in women and 94 cm in men
• Having high blood sugar levels than normal without having diabetes
• Having diabetes or blood sugar levels above normal without having diabetes during pregnancy

Normally the problem of type-2 diabetes starts when the people are above 40 years old. But in recent times even young people get this disease. South Asians and African-Caribbean people have five times more risk to get type-2 diabetes.

The symptoms of type-2 diabetes often come on gradually and can be quite vague in the beginning. Many people have type-2 diabetes for a long period without knowing.

The common symptoms include:

• Being thirsty always
• Passing excess urine
• Tiredness
• Weight loss

If you have the symptoms go to your doctor and he could do the right diagnosis and treatment.