We can do many things to have good sleep. Every individual is different and so everybody must find their right way for this. The general information gives you what to d and what not. In this changed and quick world a good sleep becomes more and more important.

The tips for a good night sleep include:

• No long afternoon sleep. If you sleep it should not be more than 20 min
• Go to bed at the same time every night
• Avoid excess coffee after dinner. You may not have problems with coffee for many decades, but the problem can start from a day to the other. In many cases a strong coffee in the afternoon can affect the sleep.
• Avoid excess alcohol
• Avoid smoking as nicotine is a stimulant
• Do your exercises in the morning, not before you go to bed
• Your bedroom must be dark, external lights can also disturb your sleep
• Mattress and pillows must be comfortable. The bedroom must be clean and ventilated good. You must also know which temperature is good for your sleep.
• Don’t work till you go to bed. Relax with good music and warm bath.
• Don’t eat much before you go to bed. You need 2 to 3 hours gap between dinner and sleep.
• Don’t drink too much water before you go to sleep
• If you are hungry groundnuts are the best. But, don’t eat much. If you want to drink milk, take warm milk, but always with a piece of bread or toast. Only milk can increase the production of the acid in the stomach and bad for your sleep.
• About your tomorrow’s work you can think in the morning and not before sleep
• If you have health problems consult with your doctor and don’t wait for weeks.
• Low hemoglobin and iron values in the blood can also be a reason for sleeplessness. If necessary to control this talk to your doctor.
• Turn off your television

We all know we can sleep well if we are happy. Try to reduce your stress and this also you can learn.

Wish you a good sleep every night!