Overweight and obesity is a big health problem at present. In all the countries the youth have problem with their weight. Young women have eating disorders or overweight. Young men have problem with his T-Shirt when the weather becomes mild. The health insurances say that almost 30% of the persons treated for weight problems are below 18 years old. The youth must be given the right information so that they know what they do and what is right. I try to explain some of the important general points from today onwards.

1000 calories food or eating the half of the usual food is the mostly used method to reduce weight by many including the youth. The body gets few calories and so it uses the fat reserves of the body. The weight comes down quickly. You may ask where the problem is. There are two important problems here that you must understand well.

The body gets not enough calories and so it slows down the metabolism. This means that you need less energy to do things than before. The body burns few calories compared to the time when you eat normal. Therefore, the weight reduction is not there always. In course of time you may even gain weight.

Secondly, when you start eat normal the empty fat reserve cells are filled very quickly. You gain weight and it goes more than the weight you had before you started your diet. This is the so called Yo Yo effect. Yo Yo effect is a process in which the dieter is initially successful in achieving weight loss but is unsuccessful in maintaining the weight loss long-term. The dieter begins to gain the weight back when they eat normal. The dieter tries to lose weight once again and the cycle begins once again.

Try to understand our food well and plan well to reduce your weight. Slow weight loss is the best. Here the exercises and physical activities play a vital role. Our children learn so many complicated things without problem, but they don’t learn about food when they are young because we do not teach them. We must teach them properly and that is worth doing. Children will not have any problem to understand and once understood they do always right. Start in your family today to teach the children about food and diet!!!