The uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body is cancer. It is a group of disease. Cancer kills millions of people every year in our world. Few can be curable if diagnosed in the early stages. We can do a lot to minimize the risk of cancer. The hereditary risk factor is only about 5% to 10%. The rest comes from our lifestyle, diet and environment. We see here the many ways to reduce the cancer risks.

At present every third person gets some cancer in his life and one in four dies because of cancer. The number increases continuously. We must take this very seriously from the young ages. It is better to teach the primary school children about this and once learnt they will never forget in their lives.

Most cancers do not develop overnight and it can be a process of decades. This is the reason why we have to think about this big health problem very early.

Cancer prevention is easy and the important points for that include:

• The right food
• No tobacco products
• Alcohol in moderation
• Healthy weight
• Enough physical activity
• Avoid excess sun and other radiations
• Protection from viral infections
• Safe sex
• No needle sharing
• Use of hormones
• Preventive self-examinations and preventive medical checkup
• Environmental poisons
• Poisons in your home and garden
• Detoxification and free radical scavenging

The above tips are very important. What is right for you and what is not is different in different individuals. To understand this better I will write every day about one topic in detail.

Do something so that you can be happy always and enjoy your life even when you are very old. For this the foundation must be put in young years too.

If you want to assess your situation thoroughly you can have counseling. In this case you can contact me. The counseling can be in person or online.