Overweight and obesity is a big health problem at present. In all the countries the youth have problem with their weight. Young women have eating disorders or overweight. Young men have problem with his T-Shirt when the weather becomes mild. The health insurances say that almost 30% of the persons treated for weight problems are below 18 years old. The youth must be given the right information so that they know what they do and what is right. I try to explain some of the important general points from today onwards.

There are persons who take excess carbohydrates and there are others who say excess protein and fat is good for weight loss. As we all know fats have more than double the amount of calories than carbohydrates or protein.

If you consume less fats and protein excess sugar is converted into triglycerides, the blood fat. This blood fat is a risk factor for vascular and heart diseases. Moreover, for our health we need fats and proteins.

If you eat less carbohydrates fats and the sugar produced from the protein by the liver can give you the necessary energy. We need all the three regularly to be healthy. Not enough quantities of carbohydrates, fats or proteins are very bad for our health.

Good carbohydrates are necessary for a good brain function. Moreover, wholegrain products give us valuable fibers, vitamins, mineral and other phytochemicals. These are very important for our metabolism.

Protein is necessary for our muscles, but excess protein brings health problems. It is same with fats too.

Therefore to reduce weight we need good carbohydrates, fats and protein. Consult with a dietician and it is easy to find the right food for your type.

We can eat rice, noodles, potatoes, ice creams, cakes and sweets. Only the amount makes the problem.

Healthy lifestyle and physical activities are also very important always to reduce or maintain weight.