Look at the television advertisements. Calcium and vitamin D is the must for women. Is it right? Think of your teeth and bones. Take calcium and vitamin D. I know many women who take it. They are afraid of osteoporosis. We need most of the vitamins in very small quantities. Vitamins are like pesticides. They are not dangerous in small amounts, but very dangerous in high amounts.

Take for example vitamin D. You can get enough from milk, dairy products, fish and sunlight. In small quantities vitamin D protects from cancer. If we take too much it is a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Very high amounts of vitamin D can damage kidneys.

This is the reason why I tell you to be careful with vitamin supplements. We know about pure synthetic beta carotene. In smokers beta-carotene increases the risk of lung cancer.

Excess vitamin A can cause jaundice.

Excess vitamin C can cause kidney stones. It cannot be an antioxidant it can be a pro-oxidant. Never forget in nature in fruits we have not only the vitamins but also several other phytochemicals that are very important for our health.

Excess vitamin E can make problems with blood clotting.

What is my advice then? Vitamins are very important for our health. But they must come from our food and not as supplements.

Consult with your dietician and he could tell you whether you need a vitamin supplement or not. Even if you need a vitamin supplement you must take it only for a particular time. Slowly you must change your food habits so that you get yyou get your vitamins from your food.

If you need counseling come to me and we see what do you need and what not. It is very bad if the industry makes its billions and you have health problems.

I have estimated thousands of blood samples. Mostly we have seen deficits in vitamin B1, B6, B12 and folic acid. We have never seen deficits in vitamin A or vitamin E or vitamin C.