Overweight and obesity is a big health problem at present. In all the countries the youth have problem with their weight. Young women have eating disorders or overweight. Young men have problem with his T-Shirt when the weather becomes mild. The health insurances say that almost 30% of the persons treated for weight problems are below 18 years old. The youth must be given the right information so that they know what they do and what is right. I try to explain some of the important general points from today onwards.

Meat and meat products have saturated fats and cholesterol. We must be always careful about the amount what we eat. The saturated fats and cholesterol are also very important to our health. They are not the villains as many think.

Meat is a good food. It has many essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc and many vitamins. No plant food has vitamin B12 and only meat has it. The quality of the meat must be good. This means fresh meat is the best. We must be careful with processed meat which can have many chemicals which can affect our health.

If it is allowed in your country to use hormones in animal feed you must be very careful. In many countries hormones are not allowed in animal feed.

Be careful to buy the meat in big supermarkets. There are many tricks to keep the meat fresh up to ten days. The meat can look very fresh, but it is not. The butcher in the corner may be little costly, but the meat is good and fresh there.

The meat products like sausages contain excess fat and so must be careful about the amount you eat. Fresh meat is the healthiest.

You can eat meat, poultry, eggs, fish and sea food. 100 to 150 g is more than enough per day. You can take two days meat and one day fish in a week. Organ meat like liver or kidney can be eaten only once in a month. Avoid brain to eat. It makes you healthy and at the same time help to reduce your weight too.

It is important to know that you need not sacrifice anything even if you want to reduce your weight. Select the right foods for you with the help of your dietician and the success is mostly yours.

Enjoy your food and reduce or maintain your weight.