Overweight and obesity is a big health problem at present. In all the countries the youth have problem with their weight. Young women have eating disorders or overweight. Young men have problem with his T-Shirt when the weather becomes mild. The health insurances say that almost 30% of the persons treated for weight problems are below 18 years old. The youth must be given the right information so that they know what they do and what is right. I try to explain some of the important general points from today onwards.

What is right? Three big or five small meals in a day are good to reduce weight. Many believe that frequent small meal can speed up their metabolism. Three big meals may slow up the metabolism or cause fat gain. Is it true? Is it so easy to reduce weight?

There are many studies to understand the 5 meals advantages. The results are entirely different than the popular belief. 3 meals or 5 meals, it is the amount you eat and the total calories you have taken at the end of the day only play the important role. It is not possible to speed up or slow down the metabolism with food.

Weight loss or weight gain is based on your height, weight, physical activity, genetics and the amount of food you take. With 5 or more meals in a day you have to eat every two to three hours. Moreover, a woman may take 200 to 300 calories every meal. It will make you never full and so it can make you to eat more. The result can be weight increase than weight loss. We need 500 to 600 calories to satisfy our hunger and have the feeling of fullness.

Three main meals and two or three in between snacks are the best. In between snacks can be fruits or carrot or cucumber or tomato.

Nobody is against if you take 5 or more meals. You have to decide whether it is good for you or not. At the end of the day the total calories taken are the only important factor to weight increase or weight loss.

Your dietician can advise you for the right food. Enjoy your food…