Ms. Tammi Flynn, a dietitian and gym training instructor in Washington is the founder of this diet plan. One of her clients ate an apple before each meal without changing else and could lose weight without problems. She experimented this diet with her other clients and could achieve weight loss, up to seventeen pounds in three months.

The high fibres and sugars present in apple makes you feel full and prevents cravings. This is the principle oft he 3 apple a day diet. This diet is low in carbohydrates and saturated fatty acids. Whole grain products are preferred and refined sugars are avoided.

4 – 5 meals are recommended daily. Each meal or snack must contain lean protein food. This helps to reduce appetite and thus increases the chance of weight loss.

The recommended foods include:

• Apples
• Low fat yogurt
• Low fat cottage cheese
• Eggs
• Lean beef or mutton
• Turkey
• Chicken breast
• Salmon or other fish
• Brown rice
• Oatmeal
• Leafy vegetables, broccoli, lettuce etc.

The sample plan


• Apple
• Egg
• Cooked oatmeal or a slice of bread

Forenoon snack

• Low fat or nonfat yogurt
• Cottage cheese

• Apple
• Grilled lean meat
• 2 cups steamed broccoli or cauliflower
• ½ cup brown rice
Afternoon snack

• Fruits


• Apple
• Grilled fish
• Green salad
The above plan is only to give you an idea. You can have the food which you like. If you want to take other fruits you could take it, but 5 servings are needed. In the literature you can find hundreds of recipes including the individual plans of individuals. If done properly it is a good food.

The disadvantage is that in the long run it can become boring because it is not allowing any of your favourites. Pure vegetarians could not follow this diet.

A good lifestyle, less stress and exercises are always necessary to lose weight. 3 apple a day diet helps the majority dieters to lose weight.

If we consider the individuals needs properly it is a very good food to reduce weight.