Coconut has very healthy fats. They have very less long chain saturated fatty acids and have lot of middle chain and short chain saturated fatty acids. Middle chain and short chain fatty acids are directly converted in to energy in the liver as in mother’s milk. The people who traditionally consume much coconut or coconut oil live very healthy and have less problems with overweight.

The Western food contains lot of trans-fatty acids which are not good for our health. Excess sugar, trans-fats and other additives make the food bad for our health. Here coconut diet can help to reduce the weight.

Coconut fats can speed up metabolism and improves thyroid function. They help to remove digestive problems and have antiviral effects. This diet can help to detoxify the body and can maintain a steady blood sugar level. These are considered important to lose weight.

Every day you have to take two to three tablespoons of coconut oil daily. For all your food preparation including salads coconut oil must be used.

The four phases in coconut diet are:

• The 21-day weight loss diet – Lean protein and vegetables are recommended. Three meals and one or two snacks are allowed daily. Sweets and most oft he fruits are avoided. Normally at least 5 kgs weight loss happens during these days.
• The second phase is cleansing. The cleansing drinks are based on vegetables and fibres. A colonic hydrotherapy is recommend which should be done by a experienced therapist.
• In the third phase whole grain products, recommended fruits and limited amounts of root vegetables.
• The fourth phase concentrates to maintain weight loss once the normal or ideal weight is achieved. The amount of allowed foods are slightly increased. But, sweets, high calorie fruits and alcohol must be avoided completely.

Sample coconut diet plan

• Breakfast – Eggs and bacon with vegetables prepared with coconut oil
• Forenoon snacks – 6 Macadamia nuts
• Lunch – Spinach salad with pine nuts and avocado
• Afternoon snack – Celery and goat cheese
• Dinner – Grilled fish with brown rice. Salad with coconut dressing
• Evening snack – 12 raw almonds

You have to do daily exercises. At least 15 minutes exercises daily are recommended.

This is a healthy food, but the problems is many get hunger always and break this diet. If it is modified little according to the needs of the individuals this diet can help not only to reduce but also to maintain weight.