Peter D’Adamo’s book Eat Right 4 Your Type made the blood type diet popular. Even today this book is a best seller. According to D’Adamo it is not only good for weight loss but also for allergy and infection prevention. This diet plan is based on the different blood groups.

The blood groups are interpreted by D’Adamo in the following way:

• Blood group O – This is the first identified blood group. Before 50,000 BC our ancestors were hunters-gatherers. Their diet was meat based and high in protein.
• Blood group A – Around 15,000 BC our ancestors were settled as farmers and the blood group A is emerged during this time. There diet habits were vegetarian based.
• Blood group B – This blood group is evolved around 10,000 BC and our ancestors. During this period our ancestors were wanderers, constantly moving from one place to another. Therefore, the blood group B people could eat most of the foods including meat, dairy products, grains and vegetables.
• Blood group AB – It is evolved only 1000 years ago. It helped our ancestors to adjust to our modern world. They could eat the food from A and B groups.
These are the thoughts of D’Adamo and the meals are recommended on this basis.

The Food recommendations include:

• Blood Type O Diet – The recommendations are high protein and low-carb diets. Lots of meat, fish and olive oil are recommended. Milk, dairy products, beans, rice, wheat and other grains must be avoided completely. Eggs, nuts, seeds and certain vegetables and fruits can be eaten in moderate amounts. With this food vigorous exercises are suggested. We must have enough physical activities like our hunter-gatherer ancestors.
• Blood Type A Diet – Grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, pasta and rice are the recommended foods. Milk and dairy products must be avoided. Little meat can be eaten. Almost a complete vegetarian food is suggested. Calming exercises and yoga are the right physical activities for this group.
• Blood Type B Diet – Almost everything could be eaten here. Processed foods, nuts and seeds must be avoided. Excess high-carb should be not be eaten. The exercises recommended are walking, swimming and tennis.
• Blood Type AB Diet – A combination of foods allowed in A and B are allowed. Mostly vegetarian food with little meat, fish, milk and dairy products which are eaten occasionally. Calming exercises and moderate physical activities are recommended.

If you follow this diet the chances of weight loss is certainly there. It is because high calorie foods like bread, meat, fish and milk and dairy products are not recommended. In the long run the body may not get all the necessary nutrients and can lead to health problems.

You must avoid processed foods, junk foods, takeaways, chocolates and coffee in this diet and this is a big advantage.

Medical and food experts agree that this diet has no scientific evidence. This could be a start in a weight loss programme. Consult with your nutritionist for the right food and exercise for weight loss and maintenance. Learn more about food and your metabolism and it is easy to reduce weight.