The Morning (Asa) Banana Diet is from Japan. It is very lenient and there are many good results reported. There are only few rules for this diet and so it is easy to follow. There are chances to lose many kilos. Bananas can improve digestion and the fibre present in them can give the feeling of fullness. Banana fibres may also block the absorption of some carbohydrates.

The following are the rules fort he Banana Diet:

• Breakfast
You can eat a raw banana in the morning. If you need more you can eat more. But never stuff yourself tot he point of discomfort. The bananas must be raw, should not be from deep freezer and must be uncooked. One glass of water and it must have the room temperature or lukewarm.

• Lunch
Meal of your choice

• In the afternoon
A small sweet snack is allowed if you like it

• Dinner
Meal of your choice, but must be eaten before 8 p.m. No desserts should be taken. Four hours after your meal you must go to bed and must have enough sleep. It is a must go tot he bed before midnight. Enough sleep is important for weight loss.

If you are very hungry before going to bed a small piece of fruit is allowed.

If you are hungry after your breakfast it is allowed to take cooked rice balls which have less than 200 calories.

You should follow at all times the Japanese principle of eating only until 80% full. You must drink the water in small sips during meals.

Milk, dairy products, coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol are not allowed. Water at room is the only allowed drink.

The advantages of the Morning Banana Diet include:

• Eating regular breakfast everyday is healthy and may increase metabolism. It is also helpful to reduce overeating in the day
• Avoiding coffee and tea helps for stable blood sugar levels and thus less hunger
• Late night eating of snacks prevents extra calories
• This diet discourages you overeating

The Morning Banana Diet is not advising to do any exercise. I find it is not bad if you do your regular exercise like walking etc.

The success is due to regular meals and almost no snacks and deserts. It is very good to reduce weight if the dieter do not eat excess during lunch and dinner. Persons have reduced 5 to 35 pounds with this diet and few up to 50 pounds. It is worth to try. More knowledge about your food and metabolism can make things easy to reduce and keep up your weight.

Before starting any diet if you have health problems you must talk to your doctor first.