Girls and young women suffer mostly from eating disorders. It is important to know the warning signs of eating disorders to help them at the right time.

The warning signs of anorexia nervosa include:

• Significant weight loss in a short time
• Preoccupied always with dieting, fat, calories and weight
• Excessive exercise
• Underweight, but still dieting
• Always express feeling of overweight
• Afraid of weight gain
• Avoiding meals with all possible excuses
• Avoiding many foods with fat or carbohydrate
• Having no menstrual periods
• Avoiding social contacts
The warning signs of bulimia nervosa include:

• Over eating even when the stomach is full and vomiting
• Vigorous exercise to reduce weight
• Fasting and dieting continuously
• Weight is always a theme
• Swollen cheeks from inducing vomiting
• Having dental problems from the acid from the stomach
• Suffering from mood changes and depression
• Abuse of water pills and laxatives
• Problem with menstrual periods
• Avoiding social contacts
With the help of doctors, psychologists, family members and friends it is possible to overcome these health problems. Otherwise, it can be fatal.