Hip and thigh diet plan is supposed to help lose weight from the problem zones like hip and thigh. Ms. Rosemary Conley developed this diet in 1983. Even today without changes this diet is used. This is a low fat diet which recommends lots of vegetables, complex carbohydrates and regular exercise.

From nature women store fat on the lower part of the body, hip and thighs. This is important to protect the reproductive organs. So, after menopause the weight distribution changes and more fat is accumulated above the waist, like men. It is interesting to note that for every 10 g of fat in the meal, women stored nearly 4 g under their skin compared to only 2.4 g in men.

Women loss fat first in the arms, in the trunk and finally in the legs and men lose first from trunk, arms and followed by their legs.

The hip and thigh diet is a very low fat diet. Ms. Rosemary Conley has given several different meal plans which can be chosen each day. The following foods are not allowed:

• All nuts and seeds
• All oils and lards
• All dairy products; skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese are allowed
• Butter and other fat spreads

Lean meat, poultry without skin, lot of vegetables, legumes and wholegrain products in limited quantities are allowed to use for the meals.

You must remember that no diet can remove fat from a particular part of the body. You must be patient, follow a healthy meal and do enough exercise regularly. Normally hip and thigh fat are the last to melt, with arms, abdomen and bust fats disappearing in the majority of women.

In this low fat diet essential fatty acids are present in much lower amounts than the recommended daily intake. Do not forget saturated fatty acids are also important for your health. We have to think about the minerals and vitamins. With a mid-term strategy it is possible to control your hip and thigh fat deposits. I used to modify the diet plans according to individuals need and with enough exercises it is possible to achieve many things. You must get enough information and this motivates you to follow the diet without any problems.

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