Judy Mazel published her book "Beverly Hills Diet" in 1981. It was based largely on fruits. It was a low calorie diet and there were not all nutrients needed to the body. Later she wrote the „New Beverly Hills Diet“ to reduce the weight with a diet which can have all the nutrients.

Judy Mazel advocates the concept of conscious food combining. The poor combinations cause inefficient digestion which leads to weight gain. The enzymes found in food are given importance for digestion. Moreover, the body can digest the foods better if they are not eaten together. Fruits must be eaten always alone, proteins can be combined with fats, carbohydrates can be eaten with fats, but not carbohydrates with protein.

Breakfast is always only fruits and any amount of fruits can be eaten. But only one kind of fruit can be eaten at a time. There should be an interval of four hours if you want to change to another fruit. The other types of foods can be eaten after two hours of fruit consumption. If you eat carbohydrates you can eat any amount of carbohydrates till you change to protein. Once you have started protein food, all the remaining meals must contain at least 80% protein. In the 35-day initiation plan only fruits are recommended for many days.

One free meal per day is allowed where you can combine carbohydrates and protein. But the next meal must contain at least 80% protein.

Fruits play a vital role in this diet plan. It is said that papaya can soften fat in the body, pineapples can burn off the fat and watermelon can flush it out of the body.

The advantages of the New Beverly Hills Diet include:

• Has 35 days initiation diet plan with recipes
• Encourages eating fruits
• Simple to prepare
• No calorie counting
• All foods are allowed

Food combining has no effect on weight loss. It is not based on established scientific facts. It does not give information how to eat meals with all necessary nutrients for long-term weight reduction and weight maintenance. It does not encourage exercises.

Aerated beverages and artificial sweeteners must be avoided. Bier, whisky, rum and other alcoholic drinks made out of carbohydrates should be drunk with only carbohydrates. Wine goes with fruits and champagne goes will all foods.

The 35 day initiation diet assures to a weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds. It is a low calorie and low protein diet. The chance of muscle mass loss is there. The risk of weight gain with normal eating is very high. It is worth trying, but talk with your doctor or nutritionist for your individual needs and also for the weight maintenance .