I, Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban, has started regular Oil Pulling today. The sesame oil packs are from Idhayam. I took the oil in the mouth, the taste is strong in the beginning and after two minutes it was Ok.

I wanted to have a peaceful 20 minutes. That means, from the beginning itself I wanted to relax. From the individual reports I have seen many positive things. But, I wanted to do this time regularly for three months to write to you my first hand experiences and thoughts. I was moving the oil in the whole mouth but without any hectic, pushing and sucking through the teeth also. After 6 or 7 minutes I could feel more fluid in the mouth. That means the saliva came good in contact with the sesame oil. After 10 to minutes I felt that it was not so heavy in the mouth. After that the moving or swishing, pulling and sucking was easy and interesting. I was relaxed and and could think slowly but very clearly. Exactly after 20 minutes I have removed from mouth. I cleaned my mouth with water few times and brushed my teeth with an electric brush. If you spit it in the wash basin you have to clean it properly. It is better to spit it in the toilet. It was sopanified, that means things went normal and good. I was relaxed. The moral of the first day is that the taste is not so bad as I thought and I could wonderfully relax. Everyday you can read my report about Oil Pulling here.