Today is the third day and I was excited to know what was going to happen with my oil pulling. Yesterday I did not eat any fruits and vegetables (I am a single for the time being!) and I was interested to know whether this had an influence on the oil pulling. In the beginning everything was normal.

After 7 or 8 min the amount of saliva production was more and I could feel the oily taste of sesame oil varies. After 14 min my mouth was so full that I thought I have to stop. When it was 16 min there was a sudden change. There was suddenly enough place in the mouth. I finishd my oil pulling after 20 min. Interestingly the final fluid was not so milky as yesterday. I could see more oil drops or so to say an emulsion. It might be because that my body might be acidic or the pH of the saliva might be around 6 instead of around 7 or more. I would follow this in the coming days.