Yesterday I ate altogether 1 set poori with potatoes, two medhu vadais, three chapattis, fried mutton, chips and 20 to 30 g groundnuts. I drank 4 cups (big one with 400 ml) of coffee. To make the condition still worse I drank 3 small glass of beer also. Apart from the coffee I drank nearly 4 l drinking water.

How was my oil pulling today morning? It was almost not at all milky. Moreover I had very little production of saliva. Now we see the reasons for this.

My food had no fruits or vegetables. That means the food what I ate made my body acidic. Medical literature says that the pH of the saliva is between 6 and 7.4. My saliva pH may be around 6 and there happened no sopanification with my saliva. I had the pure taste of the sesame oil even after 20 min of oil pulling.

What might be the reason for the low production of saliva? I drank 4 cups of moderately strong coffee. Caffeine dehydrates the body and this is same case with alcohol also. There was a mild dehydration of my body. At about 3p.m. in the night I had cramps in the left toes and it was very painful I got up and drank two big glass of water and in 3 min the cramps were gone away. My body is acidic now and in this case more calcium from my bones are lost and the danger of my body taking more poisons from the air, water and food is always high. With this you can learn several things. More water, less coffee, no or less alcohol and the importance of the fruits and vegetables which could make our body alkaline are necessary everyday. Every day in a warm country like India 4 to 6 liters of water is necessary for the body and your food must contain lot of vegetables so that your body stays alkaline.

Today will be the last day I eat bad food and from tomorrow onwards I eat normally with vegetables and fruits and inform you what is happening with me and my oil pulling.

Note: With oil pulling one could control easily whether her/his body is acidic or alkaline, if necessary could change the eating habits immediately.