You take one tablespoon sesame oil in the mouth before breakfast in empty stomach. Move the oil slowly in the mouth. Rinse the whole mouth slowly and pull and suck through the mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then the white fluid must be spit out from the mouth. The oral cavity must be washed well with enough water. This is Oil Pulling.

Ayurvedha says the toxins are removed from the body. Several bacteria which could do harm to the gums are destroyed and this can have a positive health effect. Sesame oil has not only antibacterial but also anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Oil Pulling has no harmful side effects. Children above 5 years can also do Oil Pulling.

What are the reported benefits from the individuals?

• White teeth
• No bad breath
• Gets rid of acne
• Cures teeth and gum problems
• Increased energy
• Mental alertness
• Elevates mood
• Cures allergies
• Relief in fibromyalgia
• Helps to come out from depression
• Cure insomnia
• No gum bleeding
• Helps heart
• To cure migraine headaches
• Bronchitis
• Eczema, piles
• Ulcer
• Woman’s hormonal disorders
• Gets rid of body odour

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