The meeting organized by Jaycees in Virudhunagar was great. Mr. V. R. Muthu, CEO, Idhayam Group of Industries is the man behind this book and I thank him for all the help including the sponsoring of this book.

The aim is to bring this book as a present with their oils so that the housewife and mother know the “Facts” about the”Food”. I had a long talk with him and came to know lot about “Oil Pulling” with sesame oil. It is the good Nalla Ennai (sesame oil in Tamil) which brought us closer. I have seen thousands of reports from the individuals about the health benefit of Oil Pulling. This is the best literature which I could get it and this will also be a basis for my research and clinical studies with sesame oil. This will be our major work in the coming years. I hope to get Mr. V. R. Muthu’s permission to write about this individual reports so that you could know the high values of Oil Pulling.

Wait for my next report for more news about this.