Lisa was 13 years old when I met her in my chamber. She was a child with a very pale face but decently dressed and her manners were very good. She put some questions about the drugs monitoring in the urine.

I explained her, the methods but she wanted to know how to make a drug test negative. As I told her that I know how to manipulate, but I would never teach her. She laughed shyly and told that she could find it in the Internet but it was easy for her to know from me. I asked her whether she would like to have a cup of coffee and we talked about her during our coffee.

She was 11 years old when a brother of her friend put heroin in her coke and the sad story started from there without an end till now. She was open to tell that she used to stand near the harbour to get men to earn money to pay the next trip. She was HIV positive because she even was prepared to sell her body without condom for quick and good money. Lisa is one of the hundreds of children who come to this situation because somebody put only once heroin in their soft drinks. Heroin is so dangerous that if you take it once knowingly or unknowingly you are an addict……..

Lisa sat still in front of me, she laughed heartily and I saw her mouth with only few teeth. The addicts experience no pain because heroin and its metabolites, 6-Acetyl morphine, morphine and others are very strong painkillers. How shameful is it for all of us? Who knows when she died on a park bench lonely or in a winter night when the temperature is less than minus 15 degrees C near a house door or with a golden shot?

Say “No” to all drugs