Sexual abuse of children and teenagers are happening everywhere. The victims are suffering life long. Here I give you few of the worst incidents…

Case 1 – Arce Montes, a French national, aged 54 was recently guilty for the rape and murder in 1996 of Caroline Dickinson, an English girl, 13 years, at Pleine Fougeres in her school excursion in Brittany, France.

Few hours before this crime he attacked Kate Wrigley, 13 years, also from England 50 km from Pleine Fougeres. After Kate raised an alarm that woke up the other inmates in the hostel, he fled away. He has been convicted to serve a minimum of 20 years of the total sentence of 30 years without parole.

Case 2 – In Belgium’s trial of the century, Marc Dutroux was convicted for the kidnapping, rape and murder of six girls between the ages of eight and nineteen during 1995-98. Once, an eight year old girl was raped and left to die in a dungeon. He admitted the murder of two other young girls, hid their bodies in the family freezer and later buried them in his garden. He has a very long criminal record and ironically, when the police raided his house in 1995, they heard the voices of the children but could not trace their source. There were speculations that Dutroux was not acting alone and was a part of paedophilic group consisting of influential people. The names of a former Prime Minister, a member of a royal family, police officers and businessmen are mentioned in this regard.

Marc Dutroux was sentenced only 13 years of imprisonment. Dutroux enjoyed the benefit of parole within three years of beginning his 13 year jail term. He also escaped from custody while being transferred from one prison to another and this is the most uncomplimentary to the Belgian authorities.

For further details read Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban’s “Sexual Abuse of Children and Sexual Health Education”