Steffi was 26 years old teacher, doing well in the society with a good and peaceful life. She was active in sports and other activities. In winter she had her holidays in Switzerland or Austria and in summer she went to Spain or Portugal. She was slim and she was proud of her figure.

She went for a routine blood check up and the doctor told her that she had elevated cholesterol. She was astonished as well as shocked to hear this because according to her she had been leading a careful and healthy life. The reason of the high cholesterol level could not be diagnosed by her doctor. She went from one specialist to another and everywhere she had different opinions from the doctors, but without any result. Finally she came to me and we had an analysis of her whole life, regarding her job, where she lived, family medical history and also her food habits. As a single and successful young woman she never cooked, she bought only processed food, now and then fruits and salads and drank much coffee and coca cola. From this analysis we came to know that her body was deficient of vitamins, minerals and above all the so called anti-oxidants.

We need anti-oxidants for detoxification (the removal of toxins or poisons from the body) and to remove dangerous free radicals which can make us sick and old. We should get this only from our fresh food; since she was not at all taking enough fresh food she had deficiency in anti-oxidants. The aim of our body is to live in all disadvantageous circumstances, so the natural substances from our body like cholesterol, uric acid and bilirubin are allotted to do this anti-oxidation work as their extra work. The brain orders the body to produce more of these substances and they are increased in our blood without any known cause. I recommended a suitable diet for this woman for three months, then I estimated her cholesterol value, it was high, but significantly lower than before. I changed her diet little and this was continued for another three months and after that she had her cholesterol level less than 200 mg/dl which is normal. Thus I have identifier the reason for the elevated value of cholesterol which the medicines could not control for several years. This was the knowledge 25 years ago about cholesterol.

The conclusion is that fresh food is important for our healthy life, without which sports and other physical activities will not help us always to become healthy. Eat less processed food, but everyday you must eat fresh vegetables and fruits, the standard amount for an adult is 300 to 400 g fresh vegetables and 400 g of fresh and ripe fruits.