It is more than three weeks now since I have written my oil pulling diary. I am doing my oil pulling regularly and visiting people who is also doing regularly oil pulling. There are thousand reports, but which I could not prove personally. I need many years to check all these reports. I set priority for important things now. With piles oil pulling with right food for the metabolism helps very much.

The result after one month with ulcer is also very encouraging. Here also not only the oil pulling is important but also the right food for the metabolism.

My personal experience with oil pulling is good. The teeth are becoming white, my breath is fresh always, no stomach problems and the gums are healthy. Even if I bite my tongue or somewhere in the mouth these hurts are cured with 24 hours. Previously I have to suffer for this few days.

I have heard from many that after 6 to 9 months even eczema is cured and I am observing everything very carefully to give you the right information in my oil pulling diary.

I want to tell you once again. We could achieve many things with oil pulling, but it is only 50% truth and the other 50% is the right food for our metabolism. There are many questions with oil pulling with other oils than sesame oil and I will write you about this later.

Wait for my oil pulling diary…